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Dutch Gift Boxes

Hand out candy bag with wooden clogs, chocolate, licorice and Old Dutch candy canes. Delicious Dutch treat for young and old.Candy package consisting of:Pair of wooden clogs of 10 centimeters with red-white-blue ribbon. 8 Napolitan chocolates with 4 different Delft blue wrappers 8 candy canes packed..
Ex Tax:€10,74
Beautiful bunch of colored tulips with a box of chocolate. These artificial tulips cannot be distinguished from real tulips, but there is a difference with real tulips: these tulips do not wither.An original gift, available any time of the year.Bunch of eight artificial tulips with a box of 100 gram..
Ex Tax:€11,94
A beautiful, luxurious, Delft blue pen. The ideal gift for the man or a nice promotional gift in combination with a Delft blue notebook.Dimensions in box: 17 x 7 x 3 cm. - Net weight: 115 grams...
Ex Tax:€12,23
Surprisingly nice gift with typical Dutch sweets, cookies, chocolate and souvenirs.A wooden gift box filled with Dutch items. The box is filled with:     stroopwafels     Bar of chocolate Delft blue windmills     Haagsche Hopjes  ..
Ex Tax:€18,60
Surprise a boyfriend, girlfriend, family, or just someone you want to let know you care about.We have lovingly put together a letterbox gift package with typical Dutch gifts and sweets with a card on which we print the text you specify. The gift package fits through the letterbox and is guaranteed t..
Ex Tax:€12,36
Nowadays there are many people isolated at home due to the pandemic These people could use a little boost and encouragement Surprise for example your Grandpa ,  Grandma , anyone  you want to let know that you care about.We have put together a special letterbox package with typical Dutch de..
€9,95 €12,50
Ex Tax:€9,13
Surprisingly nice gift box with Delft blue tile coffe chocolates and Christmas tree hanger. Very light in weight so handy for travelingLuxury gift blister with:24 x Milk Chocolate Neapolitans Delftware mills Delft blue Chrismas tree hanger (ceramics)Travel information: Dimensions:..
Ex Tax:€8,49
Surprisingly nice gift box with chocolate tiles and fridge magnet Holland windmill with rotating blades. Very light in weight so handy for travelingLuxury gift blister with:24 x Milk Chocolate Neapolitans Delftware mills Fridge magnet windmill Holland rotating blades (ceramics)Tra..
Ex Tax:€8,49
Delft blue vase with three orange tulips.Vase height: 18 cm. Tulips length 26 cm. - Net weight: 530 grams...
Ex Tax:€14,46
GIFT SET DELFT BLUE TEA FOR ONE DELUXECup and teapot, syrup waffles in tin and bag Pickwick English blend in luxurious gift box with magnetic closure.size gift box : 23 x 21 x 11 cmnetto weight: 1300 grams  ..
Ex Tax:€20,25
Gift box consisting of 2 x Delftware Cup & Saucer.Dimensions: 22 x 19.5 x 7 cm. - Net weight: 675 grams...
Ex Tax:€24,75
HOLLAND PACKAGE - VIPCaramel Wafers in Delft tin 230 grams Point Rooijackers Farmhouse cheese 150 grams Typical Dutch Chocolate gift box 100 grams Jeneverbox - 2 x 5 cl Gin Ketel1 - 2 x Delftware shooter Cheese board with Holland tile Cheese slicer DelftwareTravel information:..
Ex Tax:€35,12
Holland package filled with typical Dutch sweets for tea and fun Holland souvenirsDaelmans Syruppwaffles in Delft blue tin - 230g Bolletje domino cheese waffle - 135 grams Droste milk chocolate pastilles - 100g Pickwick English Tea Blend - 20 bags Magnet Tulip Ceramic mug Delftware ..
Ex Tax:€23,10
GIFT BOX - DUTCH GIN (Jenever)2 x 50 ml Kettle 1 Schiedam Dutch gin 2 x Delftware shot mugIn resealable luxury gift box (black) wrapped in Delft blue gift paper.Travel information: Size: 17 x 15 x 6 cm - Net weight: 540 grams...
Ex Tax:€14,46
Holland gift package - dutch chef
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HOLLAND GIFT PACKAGE - DUTCH CHEFKoopmans Granny's Pancake mix - 400 gram Van Gilse original molasses - 500 gram Chocomel chocolate milk - 2 x 0.2 l Maggi kale stew meal package - 166 gr. 2 pers. Unox Holland pea soup - 570 ml 2 pers. Unox Gelderland sausage - 275 gram Knorr ..
Ex Tax:€39,26
Surprisingly nice gift box with the best known Dutch theme Delft blue, tulips, windmills, tiles and chocolate. Very light in weight so handy for travelingLuxury gift blister with:24 x Milk Chocolate Neapolitans Delftware mills Magnetic flexible tulpjes miniature Delftware jar (ceramics)..
Ex Tax:€8,49
Delftware toffee box filled with 400 grams of Dutch candy.Dutch coffee candy Zeeland Butter Candy Farm Licorice Vanilla toffee Sweethearts Old-Dutch licorice matChoice of print out: "Greetings from Holland" or "Holland"Dimensions: 25 x 7 x 7 cm. - Net weight: 460 grams...
Ex Tax:€8,25
Holland gift package with typical Dutch delicacies and popular souvenirs.The package includes:Syrupwaffer Delftware jar (ceramics) Towel Delft Blue print Keychain cow Wooden shoes 10 cm. Wooden Tulip Butter syrup waffles 8 pieces Role Venco Licorice Dutch coffe candies 100g ..
Ex Tax:€28,93
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Dutch gift packages

On our website you will find a modest range of carefully composed gift packages. The packages are i.v.m. (worldwide) shipping packaged as compact and solid as possible. The themes have been further developed in collaboration with our customers and practical experience. Do you want to put together your own package? Feel free to ask about the possibilities and contact us via, the contact form or call 010-273 39 37.