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Dutch Christmas package 2022

Christmas package filled by local Dutch entrepreneurs

Holland Christmas package

Looking for an original Christmas package with Dutch products? This year Holland Souvenir Shop is looking for products from the local entrepreneur.

Last year was a tough year for many local entrepreneurs. We, as a souvenir shop, have felt that strongly. Virtually no tourists, foreign trips and holidays. That was quite a loss. Fortunately, we have managed to face the crisis with creative entrepreneurship. We have therefore decided that this year we will supplement our well-known Dutch Christmas packages as much as possible with products from local entrepreneurs. Of course you will receive the same quality and service as you are used to from us every year. A top Christmas package that every Dutch company can be proud of.

Original Dutch Christmas package

Of course you can opt for a gift voucher to be spent online or a Christmas package from the wholesaler. But with a Christmas package from Holland Souvenir Shop you have an original package with unique products from local entrepreneurs. A Christmas package that has been paid attention to.

Dutch Christmas package with its own feel

With a Christmas gift from Holland Souvenir Shop, we always work in consultation. A nice idea or an adjustment, no problem. Do you want to add something from the company, for example your own Christmas card or your own product, everything is possible.

Send Dutch Christmas package by address

We ship your Holland Christmas packages to any address in the EU. Each package is shipped insured and you will receive the corresponding Track & Trace number for each package sent.

Send Christmas packages outside EU

Do you want to send Christmas packages outside EU? Then we can put together a nice package in consultation with which we know for sure which products can be shipped abroad without any problems. Even for shipments outside the EU, every package is sent insured and you will receive the corresponding Track & Trace number for each package sent.

Dutch Christmas package through the letterbox

A letterbox package is also possible. We have different sizes of letterbox boxes for which we can put together a beautiful Christmas package.

Typical Dutch Christmas package themes

Regional products from local entrepreneurs, for example a tea package with honey from the region. Products from the miller with delicious baking mixes for speculaas, pancakes. Local pottery bakery from South Holland for porcelain and Delftware.

Order a Dutch Christmas package

With more than 20 years of experience, Holland Souvenir Shop is the place to be for an unforgettable Christmas gift. Contact us via the contact page or call 010-2733937
If you are looking for something special, please let us know, but don't forget, a Christmas gift from Holland Souvenir Shop is always special!


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