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Tile panel delft blue windmill landscape

Tile panel delft blue windmill landscape
3 - 5 Days
Tile panel delft blue windmill landscape
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Delft blue tile tableau with a typically Dutch landscape. The tile tableau consists of 6 glazed Delft blue tiles measuring 15 x 15 centimeters.

From the seventeenth century tile pictures became popular. The various pottery bakeries in the Netherlands came up with numerous representations and motifs. The tableaux were used as a backdrop for fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms. Delft blue tile pictures were also made with images of typical Dutch crafts, so that many workshops of, for example, butchers and eel smokehouses still have original Delft blue tile pictures.

Material: Porcelain. - Tile size: 15 x 15 cm. - Dimensions of the tableau: 45 x 30 cm. - Net weight: 1400 grams. - The tableau is delivered as 6 loose tiles.