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Lieferung und Versand online geschäft Holland Souvenir Shop

Aufmerksamkeit! Aufgrund von Koronamaßnahmen können die Lieferzeiten länger als normal sein. Folgen Sie Ihrem Track & Trace-Code. Auf die Lieferzeit Ihrer Bestellung können wir leider keinen Einfluss nehmen.
Versand nach Großbritannien: Aufgrund des Brexits und der damit verbundenen Steuerregeln versenden wir derzeit nicht nach Großbritannien!

Deutschland 10,00 € (inkl. MwSt.)

Die Kosten für den Versand per Paketpost nach Deutschland betragen 10,00 € (inkl. MwSt.).

Name : Hollandsouvenirshop
Store location: Appelmarkt 6
3111 JA Schiedam
Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: 55717950
Telephone: +(31)10-2733937

Schiedam Souvenir Hollandse souvenirs

Worldwide shipping:
For international sendings the International Parcel Plus (IPP) service of PostNL post is used.

- Maximum weight for EU 30 kg - outside EU 20 kg
- There is a shipping document as proof of shipment
- The parcel is attempted to be delivered two times
- The parcel is signed by the recipient for acceptation
- Shipping status of your parcel via:
- Parcel is insured in case of loss ore damage for the maximum amount of 500 euro (for extra insurance please contact us)

PO Box delivery
It is not possible to send IPP parcels to a PO Box number.

Shipping duration:
The summary below provides an indication of the delivery times for the most common destinations. Shipping times are indications, parcels may be delayed unexpectedly in the Post.

Australia 6-8
Brazil 6-9
Canada 5-6
China 8-15
Hong Kong 5-7
Japan 4-5
New Zealand 6-9
Norway 3-4
United States 4-7
South Africa 8-10
Switzerland 2-3


Internationaal Parcel Plus EU

  Rate zone 1 Excl. 21% TAX Rate zone 2 Excl. 21% TAX
0-2kg € 15,50 € 21,00
2-5kg € 22,00 € 27,50
5-10kg € 27,50 € 33,50
10-20kg € 36,50 € 42,50
20-30kg € 47,50 € 57,50
Rate zone 1 Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco excl Andorra), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican), Austria, Spain (including Balearic Islands, excl Canary islands, Melilla and Ceuta), Sweden
Rate zone 2 Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania

Internationaal Parcel Plus outside EU

  Rate zone 1 Rate zone 2
0-2kg € 31,80 € 31,80
2-5kg € 49,30 € 49,30
5-10kg € 85,80 € 85,80
10-20kg € 147,80 € 147,80
Rate zone 1 Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Channel Islands, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraine, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Vatican City , Belarus, Switzerland
Rate zone 2 Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Russia, Suriname, United States, South Africa

Shipment to the United Kingdom

0-2 kg     = € 21,00

2-5 kg     = € 34,00

5-10 kg   = € 40,00

10-20 kg = € 49,00

Payment info:
- By choosing check/money order you can pay for your order with a bank transfer (in Europe without extra costs using BIC-code and IBAN-number)
- By choosing Paypal you can pay using your Paypal account
- By choosing Credit Card you can pay using VISA, Maestro or Mastercard
- By choosing iDeal, if you have a Dutch bank account

If you have any questions please contact us.